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Our Dogs


BEWARE: It has come to our attention that someone has taken information from our website to promote their website. We are NOT in any way associated with "Kelly Shepherds" or their website "www.german-shepherdhome.us/ , and have never been associated with this. Please be aware!!


The only place to be on a hot summer day!!
Anya Marie and Fritzee love the water.
The puppies do as well.


           The Blinking dogs

The Singing Sisters........ Hummm


Practicing their sit and stays..... It's very hard......



Max is a special dog and will always be in our hearts!!

  Max loves to play with the puppies



Max is a handsome boy with personality plus!! He loves to help with the puppies too.



Max recently visited a day care center. He was very well received.


Max and Anya love to chase the bubbles.....

Max has crossed over that Rainbow Bridge. he will forever hold a special place in our hearts!



  Gianne is a long haired, black and red girl. She loves the other dogs and especially likes to play with Katie. She and Katie love to hunt for rabbits, or moles in the field out back.   She is very eager to please and learns quickly also. She is truly a joy to have here.




Katie loves to play and run and romp.   She especially likes to hunt for rabbits or mice with Gianne.   She is very eager to please and loves to learn new things.  She is always on alert and lets us know when something new or different is around....She loves the water and loves to be the center of attention....Katie takes her job of helping socialize the puppies seriously. She's very gentle and patient with them.





Dexter is a son of Max and Abby. He likes carrying his food dish around hoping for another helping..... He loves playing with Lexi-Anne and is gentle with her. He loves going for hikes, loves the water, and really loves hanging out with us. He's also very eager to please and loves to learn new things.






Sadie and Ruger like to hang out together and hunt for moles, or rabbits, or squirrels......... Sadie is a daughter of Carlina and Dexter. She is very loving and very eager to please. She loves the water, and loves to play with the other dogs......





This is Roxy. She's a gentle girl who likes to play and go on hikes. She loves the water and loves to play in the snow as well. She loves people and loves hanging out with Dexter.



Quantus is enjoying his retirement now... He still enjoys hiking, and romping with Elizabeth etc.





This is Elizabeth. She likes people. She loves hanging out with Quantus. She also loves the water, and loves going for hikes etc. She is gentle and very eager to please and learns new things quickly.




This is Ruger. He is a handsome boy. He loves to go for rides in the car, and loves going for hikes, playing in the water, and hunting for moles in the field. He loves hanging out with Roxy, or Sadie.



Bella loves helping socialize the puppies. She's so gentle and patient with them.




This is Bella. She is a daughter of Brianne and Armani. Bella is a black and red long coated girl. She is a gentle girl and she loves people. She is always eager to please, and loves being helpful. She loves hanging out with Gracie Lynn. She loves going for rides also.

"Gracie Lynn"




This is Gracie Lynn. She is a solid black girl. She also loves to go for rides and just hanging out with us. Gracie is also eager to please and likes to learn new things also.







This is Moxie. She is a gentle girl and loves people. She is very eager to please and loves to learn new things. She's very gentle taking her treats, and she loves taking selfies.... She is truly a joy to have here!!




Zora is a daughter of Roxy and Ruger and always brings smiles. She is full on energy and never misses an oportunity to show her love for people.

Here are some puppy pictures from past litters.

The Howler...


Mom says we have to take a nap after our bath.

          Moxie with her puppies.         All cuddly.



Playing in the weeds.


Now, hold still.....

           This sunshine is great!!

Chowtime at Puppyfood Jct.



                                                            The "Obstacle"                               Ne, Ne, Ne, Ne, Ne,  I did it!!   

      Pretty Puppy!                             Puppy kisses and little girls!

All lined up.  Hurry up and take the picture......


                                                                            Triple trouble....


We're being good!                                      Head to head!! 
                                                                        Two females from Bonnie and Frankie


Couch potato...                                        The three couch potatoes....
Hmmm. wonder where she learned this......  
                                     Oh, now I know......


Iso.   We miss you Iso.......



Lada is a puppy from Shalimar and Frankie.  Isn't she beautiful?


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