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This is Rocco. Rocco is an amazing dog. Rocco is on his way to becoming a champion in the Agility Ring.



Mathias has earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen Award)!!!!

We're so proud of Matty and his parents!!!!!

Meet Ryken....



Ryken is doing some Search and Rescue training....



Otto is almost 14 weeks! He weighs 28 lbs and is growing bigger and stronger every day. He is so smart and fun. Both of his ears are up now and he is completely potty trained! He is starting to listen when I tell him to leave the cat alone or he is going in his crate but he still sneaks in every chance I am not looking to wrestle with her. We have taught him sit, down, off and come so far. He is learning to catch things but it is still really funny when the treat just hits him in the head and he looks confused as to what happened. He has caught a few that were aimed right at his mouth. He loves to chew on branches and eat dirt still so playing outside is pretty uneventful, he does like to chase Kodi and steal the ball away, but he just puts it down and goes back to his dirt as soon as he gets it. He got a bath outside this week and he was so scared of the hose he climbed up the picnic table and ended up getting his bath while standing on the table, it was pretty funny but he discovered he likes to bite the water just like Kodi does. I have included some new pictures. Enjoy!

Julia, Jason, Kodi, Otto, and Chin Chin



It has been a while since I emailed some pictures so here we go. Cappuccino has been doing wonderfully! At 5 months old, she is still so sweet and intelligent. She is loved very much and shows so much love in return. Before my husband goes to work and when he comes home, she greets him with such enthusiasm, it is like a baby happy to see her Daddy - which he loves. She listens very well to each of us. We really love her and now with the weather getting warmer, she has a bigger area outside to play around, but of course she needs to be watched because of her desire to dig in the mulch.

1 - taken Jan 25 2 - taken Feb 8 she loves bubbles #3 - taken Feb 21 - took it right off

She is about 43 lbs now. I have to get my other camera chip with her current pictures. She moves along very well with her straightened leg - she can jump onto the couch.

Marianella Swagler

Meet Jake....



Meet Reba Max..... She obviously loves the snow.


This is Buttons.



She loves her ball.......  

Meet Gibby.......


Meet Winston.......






Bentley loves his sports........

Meet Viggo...


Viggo at 12.5 weeks old.


Meet Hugo...


This is Hugo.



More Hugo......



This is Hugo with his new training vest.....He's almost a year old here.


Hugo is 4 years old now and loves hiking and swimming.......

Meet Spike!!!



Hi Pat,

I wanted to share a few pics of our pup Spike with you. He's been happy, healthy and growing! Spike makes a wonderful addition to our family. We all love him dearly (except for maybe our choc lab haha!) Spike was from jack n Elizabeth's all male litter. Thank you for a handsome, easy to train, heathy, loving puppy!!!

Abe, Charolette, Trooper, and Molly

Dear Pat,

I know it's been awhile. Here are a few current pictures of Molly and Trooper. ( with the new additions of Abe and Charolette ) All four go to training every week. Trooper still has soft ears however he can put them up when he wants to as you can see in the one picture. The picture of the bear is not a mistake. The picture was taken about three blocks from our house. It had been roaming the neighborhood for about a week and a half although it was never spotted until the day of this photograph. So how do I know it was in the area?? About a week before it was captured I was ready to send Trooper to the vet or to rescue. He was acting very strange and out of character. Especially when he went outside with the other dogs. He was constantly herding the&nbs p;
little dogs and carrying on. If either one started walking towards the rear of our yard or got near the fence he would pin them down with his paws or his body. If we left any of the other dogs out and left him inside he would go nuts inside the house. A couple of times at night when we left him out he would hit the bottom of the steps and make a bee line for the rear of our property barking and growling. The bear in the photo was captured on a Sunday morning. By the following Tuesday he was back to normal!!!!! The bear was taken to Northampton County and released. Trooper still watches after the little ones when they are all outside. It's his job.

Rich and Lilly


This is Bella at 10 weeks of age.

This is Bella at 14 weeks of age. She has a lot of her dad's (Artie's) expressions.

This is Bella-Boo....

This is Drago......

This is Drago. He loves the water.......

Handsome Drago.

This is Greta.

This is Jack. He's inspecting the ditch................ It passed......

This is Jack with his new best friend, Jersey. Jersey also came from Shadowbrook Shepherds.

. '

This is Cheyenne.

Tasha has made herself to home in her new home.

This is Zenzi.

This is Zenzi with Summer in the snow.


Meet Hudson!

I'm attaching some recent pictures of Hudson, now over 3 1/2 months old.  He weighed in at the vet today at 39.5lbs!  He's going to puppy kindergarten once per week (he likes the calm dogs but HATES the hyper jumpy ones) and he is SLOWLY realizing that he's not the boss of the house.  He gets lots of attention when he's taking walks in public and he is already greeted by name at Lowe's Home Improvement.  He loves water and is already swimming for short periods (but we're still working on liking to take baths in the bath tub).  Of course, food and chasing the kitty cat are his two favorite activities.

He knows several commands already (SIT, DOWN, COME, LEAVE IT) and amazingly he learned the phrase "ARE YOU HUNGRY" three or four days after I got him home.  When he "forgets" all other commands, "ARE YOU HUNGRY" gets him running to me.




Hello Pat,
  I thought I would update you on our puppy, Nikko Von Moreck.  He was the blue puppy from Abby and Frankie's litter.  He is doing really well.  He is so smart and inquisitive.  He was housebroken in three weeks, and already knows "sit," "down," and "come."  He is learning to walk on a leash.  We have him enrolled in a year long puppy and basic obedience class.  He gets to go to puppy play groups and loves playing with the other dogs.  The hilarious thing is that he is drawn to the other German Shepherd puppies.  The trainers laugh about how the shepherds are snobs!  The trainer is a former K9 trainer, so they are giving us tons of tips on how to train him.  Nikko likes his crate and has already outgrown two.  He was at the vet yesterday and he weighs 31 lbs (at 13 weeks).  The vet commented about how she has never seen such an inquisitive puppy who looks right in her face when she talks. Everyone we meet just loves him and we constantly get told how beautiful he is.  Here are two pictures that were taken last week.  I will keep you updated on his progress and send more pictures as he gets older.   Thanks for the great puppy!




Hello Pat,

I thought I would update you on our puppy Nikko.  He is now 5 months old, and he weighs 55 lbs!  Everyone thinks he is going to be huge!  Nikko continues to amaze us with his intelligence and inquisitiveness.  We just can't get over how quickly he learns.  We show him something once or twice, and he knows it.  We found a great training facility and have him enrolled in puppy and basic obedience class.  He only has one more month of puppy class left, but it is great for socialization.  He gets to run around with other puppies (and he likes to play with the ones that he is bigger than...he stays away from the mastiffs!), and other people get to handle him.  We also get to work on the agility equipment, which he was at first terrible at!  I think he grew into his paws because at the last class, he came in second!!  It really is a great class.

Nikko has also moved onto the basic obedience and is in the "sit" group, as well.  This class is usually for dogs 6 months or older, but he was ready at about 4.5 months.  In this class, we work on long "sits" and "fuss".  he has to remain sitting with distractions, and must heel in and out of other dogs.   This is not a play time class, and it is amazing to see how well he responds.  He is still occasionally distracted, but the trainers tell us he is amazing for only five months old.  We have started working with him on down ("platz").  He can do it, but not to remain there for long periods of time.  On our own, we have been working on scent discrimination, which he is getting quite good at, and searching for various items.

Thanks again for breeding such a remarkable pup.  I just had to e-mail and brag about Nikko.  We couldn't be happier with him.  I am attaching several pictures so you can see how he has grown.  Notice the shepherd stance already!


Erin Moreck


                    "Nikko at 5 months"                                                     Nikko has really grown into a beautiful dog.


Nikko again. 

Hi Pat,
Your puppies are beautiful and what a life. I hope I come back in my next life as one of your dogs! Take care.



                                                    Max at 10 weeks                                            Max is much older now, and curious.

Max, What a ham!!!!!





Hi Pat,

I hope that all is well with you and the shepherds. Jan and I took
some updated pictures of Greta today and we wanted to send some to
you. She is doing exceptionally great! We take her out in our
neighborhood park a few times a week and she just loves the woods.
It's great how she sticks right by us even when she's off the leash
in the woods. She's also begun to explore the Wissahickon creek and
will go in up to her belly. Greta is such a delight in our lives.
We no longer have the nippy puppy issue that I contacted you for
advice on. She's totally outgrown that stage. She's also really
great with her commands and so many people that we meet comment on
how calm and well behaved she is. We just love our little girl! We
will continue to keep you posted. Take care!


Morgan, Jan, and Greta Brath

Greta at 3 1/2 months Greta, the "Swamp Rat"! Greta at Fairmont Part Watch dog on duty!!

More Greta!!

Meet Gus!!



Gus has personality plus.  His owner buys him new toys and he prefers sticks.....but he does like his new tie!!!

Sorry it has taken so long to get these photos to you but, with two children,we don't
have much time. Kira has made a wonderful transition in out family. She stays close
to the children and is always the first to come to their side if they are crying
and offers licks and kisses. She has bonded with our older dog Simba and plays well
with our cousin's 1 yr. old rescued dog like they were from the same litter.
She listens well and always comes when called. She learned to sit and shake in just
a few days.
Thank you for a wonderful addition.
We would highly recommend your dogs to anyone with children.
Yvonne, Roger, Corbin, Caden, and Simba
Okay, who's idea was this? Snoozing with my best friend! Hmmm,That looks tasty
All comfy

Kira and Corbin love each other so much I swear she is his guardian
angle. She does not like him to go out side w/o her she will fuss until
I let her out. If he goes to our neighbors in the back of our property
she will sit a the gate of thier fence until they let her in or he
comes home. They play fetch in the yard for hours, sometimes my son
will even fetch. (how wierd is that.) She is a beutiful dog and we love
her very much. Thanks again for her.... Yvonne and Roger James...


Meet Boris

Hi Pat,
Just a quick note to let you know that Boris is doing really well.  We just love him!  And, he is so handsome!  People stop us on the stret all the time and remark how gorgeous he is.  We agree!
He's growing like a week and is up to about 40 lbs.

 Hope all is well with you.

Rebecca and Kola


Hi Pat,

Here is a picture of Moose at about 3 months.  His ears are up here, but just recently they fell  back down.   I've been told this could be due to teething.  He continues to get his yogurt and his vitamin every day.  He also weighed 42 pounds at his 15 week check up.

I have to tell you that we absolutely love this dog.  He has such a great personality and a fantastic disposition.  He has been such a joy to our whole family.
Beth Morgan.

UPDATE:  Moose's ears did come back up!!


This is Kinsley!!  What a riot!!


Meet Bailey.....

    Hi Pat
Here is some photos of the baby.  He does not go much further from where I am unless I am not home.  I tried to pick different stages that he was in.
He tried to get stuck under the bed today.  We are going to the vet tomorrow to weigh him.  I guess he is about 90lbs by now.
Thanks so very much for the wonderful addition to our family.


This is Gunner.....What a cutie!!

Hello Pat,

    This is Chris Kriegner writing to say hi and let you know how Trigger is doing!  He and I are doing great.  I am in awe at his temperament every time he is confronted with a new situation or unfamiliar environments.  He is always gentle and kind I feel like he wouldn't hurt a fly.  I can't thank you enough for your excellent work breeding GSDs.  He learns quickly and is well behaved.  His "puppy" comes out once in a while and that makes me smile even more.  Everyone that meets him compliments his handsomeness and behavior.  I'm so proud of him and I will recommend Shadowbrook to anyone considering a German Shepherd.

He walks with me over a mile every day and we have recently begun his search and rescue training which gives him good exercise and a job to be good at.  We go on Wednesday nights and on Sunday afternoons for his (and my) training with Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue.  He is getting pretty big, about 80 lbs or so.  He was neutered in January so he is pretty set on Vet visits for awhile.  Hope all is well with you.  I check your website about once a month or so just to see what's new and if there are any new pics up.  Enjoy the upcoming spring and know that Trigger is doing great!  I will send you a picture if you would like.

Take care,

Chris and 'Trigger' Kriegner

                          Chris with Trigger                                  Trigger at 9 months                             




                                                            Lada 2005                                                                        Lada 2006


Hello Pat:

Hope all is well with new litter! Those little guys and girls are so cute! Sergeant is doing well. He put on 4 lbs since his last vet visit. Gwen and I went on Wednesday for his second round of shots and a check up. He
did really well. The heart murmur appears to be slightly better but he has to go back in 3 weeks to have it checked again. I hope you can understand
my concern, he is my new best friend and the last thing I want to do is loose him. Everyone thinks I am crazy for worrying but he is my son and I
care for him very much. He is growing so fast! Sometimes I look at him when he is sleeping and I swear I can see him growing! HHAHAHA!! He is loving his crate which
is such a great thing. Sleeping and eating really well.
He has meet alot of new people from babies to grandma's and has been a
model citizen in his dealings.
Thank you again for such a great companion, friend, family member,
playmate, little protector (soon to a big one, etc.... he has truly changed
my life for the better!

Hey Pat!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the boy! Sergeant is doing
Full of life, energy, and drive! We are having so much fun together.

We had a vet visit last night. He got the distemper shot again and a
shot. The vet did not hear his heart murmur which made me very happy.
weights 26 lbs!!!! He is looking great!

I attached some pictures from our recent snow storm. I took him
camping with
me in the Pocono's and he loved it!

Take care and I hope all is well with the new litter!!


What a looker!! Tug of War!!

We pay tribute to Sergent. Sergent had a very tragic accident.
We will always remember your loving ways. We miss you!!!

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