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BEWARE: It has come to our attention that someone has taken information from our website to promote their website. We are NOT in any way associated with "Kelly Shepherds" or their website "www.german-shepherdhome.us/ , and have never been associated with this. Please be aware!!
Reserving A Pup

Our pups range in price from $ 1,995.00 (call for exact pricing, some select litters may be priced slightly highter)  All pups are sold on limited AKC registration as pets (they are still AKC registered, but their offspring cannot be registered, and it is understood the intent of this dog was for a PET).  A full registration is available upon proof of OFA certificaton on the hips when they are two years of age.

To reserve a pup from a particular litter, after viewing our "upcoming litter" page, please call or email us with the following information:



Phone (home and work/cell)

email address

gender of pup

color of pup

litter (name of parents of litter)

A deposit for $ 295.00 (Certified Cashier check or Money Order)

We are now accepting PayPal.


 The balance, of course, will not be due until the pup is picked up at 8 weeks old.  In the meantime we will send you a receipt in the mail.  We will send directions to our place, and a puppy instruction sheet, as the time approaches to pick up your puppy.   


We also ask our prospective puppy parents to answer some questions for us. We take placing our puppies in appropriate homes very seriously. Please understand this is a lifetime commitment.

1. Have you ever owned a german shepherd before?

2. What are you looking for in a puppy? As in a companion dog, protection dog, therapy dog, show dog, or a Search and Rescue dog?

3. Do you have any other pets in your household?

4. Do you have children and what are their ages?

5. Do you intend to breed this puppy?

6. What gender and color do you prefer?

7. Who will be the primary care giver to this puppy?

8. Do you have a secure area for this puppy to exercise daily?

9. Will you be keeping this puppy mostly inside, mostly outside, always inside, or always outside?

10. Are you interested in competing in agility, conformation, obedience, or schutzhund competition?

11. Would you be willing to attend obedience training classes with your puppy?

12. What is the name, telephone number of your veterinarian?

13. Where are you located?

14. How long have you lived at your current residence?

15. What is your occupation?

16. Would you be willing to provide two personal references for us to contact?

17. How did you hear about us?

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and fill out the above information. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at: phickok@epix.net or by phone: 570-297-5136.

Shadowbrook Shepherds
Pat Holley
2216 Sylvania Road
Troy, Pennsylvania 16947

Tel: (570) 297-5136
Email: phickok@epix.net

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